You've Got This

A Pep Talk for Church Communicators

Kelley Hartnett offers high-fives, how-tos, and haikus.

“A one-two punch of go get ‘em and here’s how.” -Kem Meyer

“This isn’t a book. It’s bite-sized therapy.” -Jonathan Malm

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We get it. Church communication can be a challenge. You feel overworked, overwhelmed, and overloaded.

More than bulletins, greeters, and calendars, it’s the stuff behind the stuff that’s really taxing: unmet expectations, perfection paranoia, and demoralizing doubt.  

But you’re not alone. You’re telling the greatest story in the world, and you can do this.  

In her honest and self-deprecating style, Kelley Hartnett offers a pep talk that’s part hug and part fist-bump.

You've Got This: A Pep Talk for Church Communicators

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Sometimes taking a nap is the holiest thing you can do. -Jefferson Bethke
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Comparison is the thief of joy. -T. Roosevelt
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Brady Shearer

"Church communications is such a weird job. You’re probably not formally qualified. You’re probably not fully understood. And yet I believe the role you play in your church is one of the most important. Kelley gets this. And she definitely gets you. This book will be a refreshing reminder that there’s a whole tribe of other pioneers on this journey with you.

Brady Shearer, creator of Pro Church Tools

Lori Bailey

“Communicators, this work we do is not for the faint of heart. Kelley Hartnett gets it. In You’ve Got This, she stands by us like a caring friend—encouraging, supportive, and not about to let us get away with being dishonest with ourselves. I’m so thankful Kelley has written this practical and hopeful book that will help us not grow weary in doing good.

Lori Bailey, leader of communication at Life.Church & YouVersion

Greg Atkinson

"Let’s be honest: Sometimes ministry can feel like misery. Some days you just need a laugh, a hug, or a high five... I've had the honor of hanging out with Kelley and breaking bread with her. She's as real as it gets and I love the way she challenges me."

Greg Atkinson, founder of Worship Impressions, executive director of

Kem Meyer

"Kelley gets it: You’re feeling overworked, underappreciated, and, depending on the day, full of personal and professional doubt. This smart and funny book will help you tackle your day-to-day challenges with a helpful mix of real-world strategies and high fives. It’s a one-two punch of go get ‘em and here’s how. ”

Kem Meyer, author of Less Chaos. Less Noise.

Jonathan Malm

"This isn’t a book. It’s bite-sized therapy. If you’re expecting a lengthy read that makes sweeping, extreme changes to your life, this book isn’t it. But if you want to make small, manageable improvements toward health as a church communicator, Kelley’s got your back with this one. You’ll want to keep this one on your desk.”

Jonathan Malm, author of Unwelcome & Created for More

Mark MacDonald

"Anyone who’s fully committed to church communication needs someone who’s experienced the crazy schedule, project juggling, and multiple attempts at getting approvals for content, to say, 'I know and I understand.' This book's like your favorite mug of steaming hot coffee before a long day of 'important' meetings. Or a tall glass of ice-cold water while you’re running a ministry marathon. So, go ahead, take a good long drink of this book. You need it.”

Mark MacDonald, president of Be Known For Something

Phil Bowdle

"Reading Kelley’s book is just like sitting down and having a conversation with her. What you’ll quickly find is someone who deeply cares about the church, and desperately wants to help communication leaders fulfill their calling. Mission accomplished.”

Phil Bowdle, creative arts pastor at Westridge Church

Kelley Hartnett

Kelley Hartnett

About the Author

Kelley Hartnett spent a decade working in established churches and helping to launch new ones. 

Currently, she’s focused on writing, volunteering for organizations that care for vulnerable populations and making progress on her journey toward minimalism.  

She also serves as the membership director for Courageous Storytellers.

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