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  • Courageous Storytellers Sample Pack: A handful of super-practical resources from our membership site, plus a 25% discount on membership. 
  • You’ve Got This: A digital copy of You’ve Got This: A Pep Talk for Church Communicators by Kelley Hartnett  

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Phil Bowdle

About the Author

Phil Bowdle got his start in church as a pastor's kid making faces at his dad while he preached. Growing up, he had no desire to go into ministry. Now there's nothing he'd rather do.

After starting in creative ministry in 2004, today Phil is the creative arts pastor at West Ridge Church in Northwest Atlanta. He leads a team of creatives in the areas of communication, media, worship, and production He also speaks, offers communication and creative coaching, and blogs about communication, leadership, and the creative church.

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Rethink Communication is published by the Center for Church Communication, a nonprofit helping churches communicate better since 2004. Our flagship projects include the blog Church Marketing Sucks and our membership site Courageous Storytellers.