Is Your Church Ready to Quit?

166 Ways to Be a Quitter

A new book to help churches quit the good and pursue the great.

“We can’t change much if we don’t quit much.” -Bob Goff

What can your church quit?

  • #1: Quit waiting for perfection.
  • #5: Quit saying you welcome everyone when you don't.
  • #18: Quit announcements.
  • #25: Quit the bulletin inserts.
  • #38: Quit that ministry.

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Is Your Church Ready to Quit? 166 Ways to Be a Quitter

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“I used to be afraid of failing at something that really mattered to me,” says Bob Goff. 

“But now I’m more afraid of succeeding at things that don’t matter.”

What can your church quit?

  • #60: Quit throwing away sermons.
  • #72: Quit annual meetings.
  • #99: Quit the giving guilt.
  • #120: Quit printing a newsletter.
  • #133: Quit using acronyms for ministry names.
  • #140: Quit talking about yourself.
  • #152: Quit assuming people will just show up.
  • #162: Quit politics.

Buy Now:

Only $2.99!

What's Inside?

  • It’s a cheap little book that offers real value for your church. 
  • We actually list 166 ideas of things your church can quit, along with an introduction explaining the quitting concept.
  • Each idea is short—definitely less than a page, often just a few sentences. You can skip around and read it in any order. 
  • Not every idea applies to every church—some are even contradictory because different churches need to hear different things. 
  • We link to lots of resources that offer more depth.  
  • Covers welcoming visitors, the worship service, strategy, systems, giving, technology, graphic design, social media and more.  

So it’s quick and light, but also packs a punch. Is your church ready to quit?

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