Church Communication Heroes Volume 2: Saving the Day Without Superpowers cover

Church Communication Heroes Volume 2

Saving the Day Without Superpowers

15 historical heroes to inspire church communicators.

Be the hero your church needs:

Journalist and social crusader Ida B. Wells cast the harsh light of truth on lynching.

St. Nicholas sparked the spirit of giving that defines our modern notion of Christmas.  

Eleanor Roosevelt had to overcome her mistakes—and you know what, they didn't define her.

Relucant Archbishop Turibius do Mogrovejo didn't want the job, but he stepped up and crushed it.

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15 different heroes—writers, musicians, theologians, innovators, even a pirate—who can encourage us in our darkest days and challenge us to do our greatest work for the greatest story ever told.

G.K. Chesterton
Andraé Crouch
Juana Inés De La Cruz
Frederick Douglass
Albert Einstein
Anne Frank
Billy Graham
Steve Jobs
Turibius De Mogrovejo
St. Nicholas
Eleanor Roosevelt
Ching Shih
Hildegard von Bingen
Ida B. Wells

About the Authors

Contributors include: Marc Aune, Marcus Cylar, Steve Fogg, Jeff Goins, Meredith Gould, Kelley Hartnett, Kevin D. Hendricks, Denisse Leon, and Katie Strandlund. 

Cover design: Laura Jewell.

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